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Best Email Marketing Channels of 2024

Explore the most effective and innovative email marketing channels.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Exclusive interviews with industry experts on growing a business

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Emma Email Videos

A series of videos to better understand email practices and strategies that work

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Feedback Fridays

O.M.G. y'all. It's Friday (even if it isn't). Come watch these weekly breakdowns and interviews of what makes the best of the best... really good.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Find the answers to the biggest challenges facing email marketers today from email experts and industry leaders.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Learn everything about the digital world such as email marketing, segmentation, marketing automation, send-time optimization, landing pages, live chat & more.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Chase Dimond

A series of videos for you to learn everything about the email world under the guidance of a seasoned email marketer

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


A channel talking about growth strategies and email marketing for your business

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Twilio SendGrid

Dedicated to helping marketers and emailers improve their email deliverability.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Helping email marketers leave an impact on your customers and grow their business with the best strategies for email campaigns with Litmus

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


MarketingSherpa is a research institute specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing. The research is published for the benefit of the marketing community

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Klaviyo Success

A channel to help marketers maximize ecommerce sales with data-driven marketing.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


On a mission to help entrepreneurs grow with our smart, all-in-one marketing and commerce platform.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

For the love of Emails

A channel talking about all things email marketing.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Helping email marketers leave an impact on your customers and grow their business with the best strategies for email campaigns with Mailjet

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Responsive HTML

Tutorial videos to learn how to develop responsive HTML email templates from scratch.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Email Experts

Helping brands grow by building Email and Automated Marketing Solutions.

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs


Helping email marketers unlock the power of their customer data to create personalized, 1:1 interactions that drive incremental revenue and engagement

PictureVideo Channels & Vlogs

Hubspot Marketing

The official Hubspot Marketing channel to empower marketers with the tools and strategies they need to succeed

What is an email marketing video channels & vlogs?

Email marketing video channels and vlogs are online platforms where individuals or organizations create and share video content related to email marketing. These platforms serve as valuable resources for marketers seeking visual and audio content to learn, stay updated, and gain insights into various aspects of email marketing. Video content can include tutorials, discussions, interviews, case studies, tips, trends, and more.

How are email marketing video channels & vlogs effective for marketers?

Email marketing video channels and vlogs, listed on this resource page, offer several benefits that make them effective resources for marketers seeking to enhance their email marketing skills, stay informed about industry trends, and gain insights from experts. Here's how these channels and vlogs can be effective for marketers:

  1. Visual Learning: Video content provides a visual and auditory experience, making it easier for marketers to understand complex concepts, strategies, and techniques in email marketing. Visual aids, real-life examples, and animations enhance comprehension.

  2. Step-by-Step Guidance: Video tutorials offer step-by-step guidance for various aspects of email marketing, allowing marketers to follow along and implement strategies in real time.

  3. Practical Examples: Case studies, real-life examples, and success stories shared in videos provide practical insights into what works in email marketing campaigns, helping marketers replicate successful strategies.

  4. Engagement and Interest: Videos engage viewers through dynamic visuals, animations, and relatable narratives. This engagement can help marketers maintain interest and retain information more effectively.

  5. Expert Insights: Video channels often feature interviews with industry experts and practitioners who share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices. Marketers can gain valuable insights from those with hands-on experience.

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