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Best Email Marketing Experts of 2024

Connect with the industry's leading experts who are shaping the future of email marketing.


Adam Connell

Adam Connell is a content strategist with a background in SEO and email marketing. He used to manage the content marketing efforts of international brands. Now he teaches bloggers how to get noticed at BloggingWizard.


Alessandra Souers

Working extensively in email marketing; Alessandra's expertise lies with B2C companies.


Alex Kelly

Reformed email developer who was slowly dragged away from old-fashioned HTML tags to building things with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Firm believer that good design is just as important as good code.


Alex Williams

Having worked in the email marketing agency environment for years, Alex Williams is now Senior vice president of innovation at Trendline, a full service team that focuses on detailed, results-driven email campaigns.


Amanda Soehnlen

Combined technology, design, psychology, and marketing is what's led Amanda to love solutions that integrate users' needs with flexible foundations that allow future growth.


Anna Yeaman

Anna is the Creative Director and Co-founder of StyleCampaign, an email creative agency based in LA


Anne Tomlin

Anne's expertise in HTML email coding can get your message in front of more people, looking exactly how you want it to look. Whether you need a standalone email, a template, or a dynamic modular system, it will look the best it can in all major email clients with her code, fully tested in 58 major email clients


Annett Forcier

Annett's journey began as a front-end developer in 1999, and over the years she has developed a special love—and talent—for email design and coding.


April Mullen

Bringing experience from 15 years on the agency, martech and brand sides of marketing, Mullen understands the complexities and challenges that face marketers in today’s competitive environment.


Becs Rivett-Kemm

Becs works on all aspects of the email development lifecycle and is also a freelance Email Marketing Consultant specialising in eCommerce who can help small stores get their email strategy working successfully.


Camille Palu

Camille's expertise lies in fun, in creating, and in coding HTML for Email. Always thinking in iterations and scalable solutions. she spends her time making stuff, drawing on anything, editing videos for YouTube, and coding emails.


Chad S. White

Besides serving as lead email marketing researcher at four of the largest ESP's, Chad S. White is also the author of "Email Marketing Rules" and more than 3,000 posts and articles about email marketing trends and best practices.


Charles Hall

"Helping humans help humans through accessible technology" is in a nutshell what Charles works towards as an accessibility designers.


Chris Vasquez

Working with a team of product managers and UX/UI designers, Chris uses design and technology to help people create businesses that bring hope, joy, and value to people's lives.


Crystal Ledesma

Crystal is a design system evangelist, a champion for system adoption and a strong believer in operational rigor.


Dan Oshinsky

Dan is the founder of Inbox Collective, an email consultancy works with news organizations, non-profits, and brands to grow audiences, build relationships, and convert readers to subscribers, members, donors, or customers via email.


Dela Quist

Dela Quist, founder, and CEO of leading email marketing agency Alchemy Worx, isn’t one to hold back. Passionate about email marketing, Dela has all the research and statistics at his fingertips to prove his arguments. Dela is an entertaining and convincing writer and speaker – well worth following.


Ekaterina Howard

A conversion copywriter and strategist, Ekaterin has worked with Series A, seed stage, and bootstrapped startups, such as ClickGUARD, Wonderwerk, Parallax, and Warmly, on website copy, copy optimization, landing pages, and paid traffic funnels (not to mention emails).

Who is an email marketing experts?

Email marketing experts refer to individuals who possess a high level of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of email marketing. These experts have a deep understanding of email marketing strategies, tactics, best practices, tools, and industry trends. They often share their insights through various channels, including blogs, podcasts, videos, speaking engagements, and consultancy services. Email marketing experts can include practitioners, consultants, thought leaders, authors, educators, and industry influencers who have demonstrated their proficiency.

How are email narketing experts benefit your business?

Email marketing experts can significantly contribute to the success of your business by leveraging their specialized knowledge and experience in optimizing email campaigns. Let's explore how these experts can provide valuable benefits to your business.

  1. Strategic Campaigns: Experts can design and execute email campaigns aligned with your business goals, ensuring optimal impact.

  2. Segmentation and Personalization: They excel in segmenting your audience and crafting personalized content, boosting engagement and conversions.

  3. Optimized Content: Email marketing experts create compelling content that resonates with recipients, driving higher open and click-through rates.

  4. Compliance and Deliverability: They ensure your campaigns adhere to legal regulations and follow best practices to avoid spam filters.

  5. ROI Maximization: With their knowledge, experts optimize campaigns for maximum return on investment, increasing revenue generation.

Email marketing experts bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to your business, driving the success of your email campaigns. Their strategic insights, optimization techniques, and industry expertise contribute to enhanced engagement, conversions, and overall business growth.

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