Ekaterina Howard Email Marketing Expert

A conversion copywriter and strategist, Ekaterin has worked with Series A, seed stage, and bootstrapped startups, such as ClickGUARD, Wonderwerk, Parallax, and Warmly, on website copy, copy optimization, landing pages, and paid traffic funnels (not to mention emails).

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Conversion copywriter and strategist

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Who is Ekaterina Howard?

Ekaterina Howard is an email expert who specializes in conversion rate optimization and conversion copywriting for B2B SaaS startups. She helps startup teams improve their conversion rates by attracting best-fit prospects, increasing demo requests, and improving free trial signup rates. Ekaterina has a deep understanding of research, business strategy, and messaging, and her clients appreciate her ability to put their minds at ease and deliver high-quality results. She offers services such as website audits, action plans, and day rate power packages to help startups see higher conversion rates quickly. With her expertise, Ekaterina has helped clients achieve significant conversion wins and receive positive testimonials for her competence and professionalism.

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