Email Subject Lines for the Win Email Marketing Ebook

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a process that’ll help you focus on implementing best practices deliberately and strategically- so that you find the subject lines that get the results that you need.

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  • ⭐ 3-step framework to craft subject line ideas that deliver higher CTRs.
  • ⭐ Tips from email marketers and copywriters on optimizing your subject line testing processes.
  • ⭐ Findings from a subject line experiment to help you know what works.

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More about Email Subject Lines for the Win Email Marketing Ebook:

The "Email Subject Lines for the Win" ebook provides a 3-step framework for creating subject lines that increase click-through rates. It includes tips from email marketers and copywriters on optimizing subject line testing processes and discusses the importance of crafting irresistibly clickable subject lines. The ebook emphasizes the need to focus on context and tailor subject lines to specific audiences in order to achieve desired results. It is produced by Mailmodo and Ekaterina Howard, with contributions from subject matter experts and digital marketing specialists.

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