Send Better Emails Email Marketing Ebook

Clarify where you are on your email journey and build a roadmap of where you want to be and which areas you need to focus on.

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Jon May

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Email Automation Email Marketing Email Strategy Listbuilding
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  • ⭐ A guide to help you convert more readers to customers through emails
  • ⭐ From automations to strategy, has everything for you to create a roadmap to success
  • ⭐ Learn how to grow your list and welcome your new subscribers

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More about Send Better Emails Email Marketing Ebook:

The "Send Better Emails" email marketing ebook is focused on helping readers improve their email program by sending more effective and impactful emails. It emphasizes the importance of working smarter rather than just sending more emails. The ebook offers resources such as figures, pictures, and flowcharts, as well as templates and worksheets to assist readers in optimizing their email campaigns. It also provides examples from companies like Uber and Chipotle to illustrate successful email marketing strategies. The ebook is available in both paperback and ebook formats, with options for purchasing and downloading provided. Additionally, the author offers additional resources, including slides from presentations and discounts on the book.

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