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Enhancing Deliverability Post New Sender Guidelines

We got Matthew Vernhout and Surya Pal to explain Gmail and Yahoo's updated guidelines, focusing on authentication protocols and maintaining low spam rates. They also cover tips on segmenting email lists, domain warmup, and delivering personalized, valuable content to improve engagement and build subscriber relationships.


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In this chat, we discuss the new sender guidelines from Google and Yahoo, which include stricter requirements for email senders to improve deliverability. Compliance is crucial as failure to adhere can lead to emails being blocked or marked as spam, significantly affecting email marketing effectiveness

Compliance Requirements: Key compliance steps include using a branded domain for sending emails, implementing a DMARC policy, and ensuring emails contain a one-click unsubscribe option. These measures help align sender practices with the new guidelines and maintain sender reputability.

Strategies to Enhance Deliverability: Matthew and Surya emphasize on data segmentation to tailor content for specific audiences (e.g., Edtech, Fintech, and Ecommerce sectors), reducing user-generated spam complaints, and following a checklist when there's a dip in open rates.

Importance of Low Spam Rates:

Maintaining low spam complaint rates is critical. Gmail and Yahoo recommend keeping spam rates below 0.10% and avoiding rates above 0.30%. High spam rates can lead to blocking and reduced deliverability, making it essential for senders to monitor and manage complaint rates diligently.

Expert Insights and Recommendations:

Industry experts Matthew Vernhout and Suryanarayan Pal provide insights on navigating the new guidelines. They discuss practical steps to achieve a green tick on compliance dashboards and the importance of processing unsubscribes promptly within two days to avoid penalties and maintain positive sender reputation.

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