Campaign Enterprise Email Deliverability Tool

There are currently several editions of Campaign Enterprise: Standard, Professional, and Business. Each edition has the same functionality and unlimited email sending capability. The Business Edition extends ability further by allowing the distribution of functions to multiple computers and the ability to create "Clients" or virtual campaign systems if you have discrete customers that need a separate Campaign Enterprise system.

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What is Campaign Enterprise Email Deliverability Tool?

Campaign Enterprise is an email deliverability tool that offers multiple editions to cater to different needs. The software can be run in-house, allowing users to have full control over their email campaigns. It supports multi-user functionality, making it easy for teams to collaborate. With the ability to work in real-time with any database and unlimited message personalization options, Campaign Enterprise offers a highly customizable email marketing solution. It also provides features like managing bounces and unsubscribes, tracking click-throughs, and supporting unlimited lists, list sizes, and mailings. The tool is utilized by various sectors, including education, government, medical industry, transportation, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, the arts, real estate, non-profit organizations, and insurance.


  • In-House Software - Not a service! Run the software right from your system and control from a web browser.
  • Multi-user - Separate accounts allows an entire team to collaborate on email campaigns.
  • Scale-able - Start with standard version, which allows a single client and single user, to a full-blown self-contained email marketing center.
  • Use Your Own Database - Works real-time with any database using ODBC/OLEDB connections.
  • Bounces & Unsubscribed - Automatically manages bounces and unsubscribes.


  • In-House Software - Run the software directly from your system and have control over email campaigns.
  • Multi-user Collaboration - Allows teams to work together on email campaigns.
  • Scalable - Start with the standard version and expand to a full-fledged email marketing center.


  • Limited integration options - Only works with databases using ODBC/OLEDB connections.
  • No built-in spam filter - Does not include a feature to automatically filter out spam emails.
  • Limited customer support - Full support is only included for a specific license period, after which additional support may be required.
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