WeDeliver Email Deliverability Tool

WeDeliver.Email offers solution to increase email deliverability for Infusionsoft through third-party email service.

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What is WeDeliver Email Deliverability Tool?

WeDeliver.Email is a tool that provides the flexibility to choose a third-party email service while still using Keap and its automation features. It allows users to send emails via Transactional Email Service Providers such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, and With WeDeliver.Email, users can remove the "via" header, modify automation links, sign emails from their own domain, and access detailed email statistics and reporting. The tool has received positive feedback for its effectiveness in improving email deliverability and inbox placement.


  • Gives flexibility and choice in using third-party email service with Keap
  • Supports multiple Transactional Email Service Providers
  • Removes "via" header on emails
  • Allows modification of automation links to own domain
  • Provides in-depth reporting on email statistics


  • WeDeliver.Email allows you to choose the third-party email service of your choice without changing your email broadcasts and campaigns in Keap.
  • It removes the "via" header on emails and allows you to modify automation links to go via your own domain.
  • It provides detailed reporting on clicks and opens, and supports real-time monitoring and alerting solutions for email statistics.


  • May not improve email deliverability for all clients.
  • Pricing may be too high for some businesses.
  • Requires technical expertise for initial setup.
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