mailmodo-hamburger Email Verification Tool by 500apps is an advanced Email Finder and Email Verifier tool that helps find the email addresses of people who matter most to your business. is also one of the best lead sources in the world with a database of more than 396 million email addresses. With a bulk email verifier, get your cold leads to perform better by closing more sales.

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What is Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by allows users to find and verify email addresses. By accessing their constantly updated database, users can ensure email deliverability and reduce bounce rates. This tool is especially useful for businesses looking to turn prospects into customers and improve their conversion rates. Additionally, offers other features such as prospect search, access to phone numbers, and the ability to find technologies employed on any website.


  • Find contact details of potential prospects
  • Verify emails to ensure deliverability and reduce bounce rates
  • Discover domains that use a particular technology
  • Export data to leading CRM systems
  • Intuitive browser extension for finding prospects while browsing any webpage


  • The email verification tool allows users to find and verify emails from a constantly updated database, ensuring email deliverability and reducing bounce rates.
  • The tool also enables users to access phone numbers and contact details of potential prospects, allowing for direct engagement with key decision-makers.
  • Users can easily export data to leading CRMs and use the intuitive browser extension to find prospects while browsing any webpage, simplifying the lead management process.


  • Limited free trial or demo period available.
  • Integration only with specific CRM platforms.
  • Lack of information regarding data privacy compliance.
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