SMTP Server Transactional Email Service

SMTP is a simple mail transfer protocol which is used for sending bulk emails to the mass audience. The SMTP server is primarily used to send, receive or relay messages between sender and receiver. The servers we provide are white labelled and compatible with major clients.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates and lowest fear of spam folders.

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What is SMTP Server Transactional Email Service?

Transactional email service is a convenient communication tool that allows businesses to send automated emails to their customers in response to specific actions or events, such as confirming a purchase, providing order updates, or sending password reset instructions. By enabling JavaScript and cookies, users can ensure a seamless experience with the service, enabling them to send and receive transactional emails efficiently and effectively.


  • Supports JavaScript for dynamic and interactive content in email.
  • Requires cookies to track user behavior and personalize email content.
  • Provides transactional email services for seamless communication.
  • Ensures reliable and secure delivery of transactional emails.
  • Offers advanced features for tracking and analyzing email performance.


  • Enables seamless communication with customers through automated transactional emails.
  • Provides reliable delivery and tracking of important transactional emails.
  • Offers customizable templates and personalization features for enhanced brand communication.


  • Requires enabling JavaScript and cookies, potentially limiting accessibility for users who have disabled these features.
  • May pose security risks if users are not cautious about enabling JavaScript and cookies on their device.
  • Reliance on JavaScript and cookies may result in slower loading times for transactional emails, potentially impacting user experience.
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