Check and optimize your emails for dark mode


What will this help with?

  • Improves the readability and accessibility of your email

  • Prevents your email from breaking in devices that have dark mode activated

How to optimize your emails for dark mode?

Here are the changes you can make to optimize your email templates for any dark mode devices.

1. Images:

  • Use a transparent background in images. Don’t use transparent background for images with dark design/text.

  • Create a dark mode compatible two-tone logo of your brand to use in future emails by adding a white outline to the dark logo.

  • Don’t use a background image behind a text

  • Use a light outline to a dark icon/image that has a transparent background

2. Colors:

  • Use high contrast between background and text/block colors

  • Soften the color of white background in images

  • Avoid using too many colors or shades

How to test emails for dark mode?

  • Send it to a device with dark mode activated and check if the text, images, and colors are rendered correctly in dark mode.

  • Test your email templates on to preview how your emails look in dark mode, and fix any errors before sending emails.

  • You can also refer to this dark mode survival kit to fix errors.


On Mailmodo, you can find a variety of templates optimized for dark mode, which you can customize and use for your email campaigns.

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