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What is Course recommendation series?

This particular email sequence flow is central for an edtech company. It informs the prospect about your main product, i.e. your course, and helps them make a final decision. How well you portray your courses in this sequence determines learner engagement and retention later in the customer lifecycle.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Introducing registrants to the courses
  • Showing them the social proof to inform how it can be beneficial for them
  • Educate them about premium courses and instructors

Recommended flows - 5 emails

Optimum flow time - 3 weeks

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Free Course Recommendation

Email # 2: Social Proof

Email # 3: Paid Course Recommendations

Email # 4: Instructor Profile

Email #5 : Book a consultation call

Email # 1: Free Course Recommendation

📩 Why this email

Most Edtech companies have different courses for their free and paid users, and many new sign-ups are for the free trial. This particular email is applicable for both and gives the learner a glimpse into the potential of your courses and platform. If a prospect takes up your free course and learns from its content, they’re more likely to upgrade to paid courses.

Email # 2: Social Proof

📩 Why this email

This particular email can further strengthen your brand image and nudge the subscribers to take up your courses. This email can include testimonials from existing subscribers and your partnership with other universities, instructors, and organizations.

Email # 3: Paid Course Recommendation

📩 Why this email

This email should be sent after a gap of at least 7-10 days after the subscriber signs up for your free course and completes it - which means they’ve found your content useful and would be more likely to sign up for the paid plan or courses. In this email, you can include the list of the advanced courses per their preference, the instructor profiles, and the social proof from those who have already taken it.

Email # 4: Instructor Profile

📩 Why this email

To further solidify your case, you can discuss the instructors and their credentials more. It will help subscribers make decisions quickly and build trust in your course content.

Email # 5: Book a consultation call

📩 Why this email

If the subscribers don’t make any decision by this point, you can always nudge them to book a call. Tell them how your counselors can help them make the right career decision and choose the course per their desired career trajectory.

⛔ Sequence exit

Send them to course completion or re-engagement series.

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