Email Deliverability Tester Email Deliverability Tool

A free email deliverability tester. Use any email marketing service to send your campaign to the addresses below, and watch your email "slide" into the various boxes, to see where it lands.

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What is Email Deliverability Tester Email Deliverability Tool?

The Email Deliverability Tester is a tool that allows users to test the deliverability of their emails in real time. It features various functions, such as breaking Gmail's limits for larger sends, reading merge fields and automatically sending emails to new rows in Google Sheets, providing sharable reports on opens, clicks, and replies for campaign analytics, personalizing emails at scale with mail merges and conditional logic, sending automatic follow-up emails to boost response rates, allowing for scheduling of mail merges in the future or setting them to repeat, adding quick, 1-question surveys to campaigns through email polling, sending new campaigns as replies to prior messages with "Send As Replies", segmenting campaigns to send new emails to specific segments of prior campaigns, managing email replies quickly and efficiently with reply management, automatically managing unsubscribe requests, detecting bounces to prevent future sends to bad addresses, creating targeted lists by searching the Gmail account with the Email List Builder feature, testing variations in campaigns with AB Testing and automatically deploying the winning version, integrating with third-party SMTP services to surpass Gmail's sending limits, sending better confirmation emails and other transactional emails through Gmail, testing email addresses pre-send to avoid unwanted bounces with email verification, using sent emails as future templates, connecting apps to GMass through the API, and ensuring maximum deliverability with GMass's suite of tools to reach the inbox instead of spam.


  • Features that break Gmail's limits for sending larger emails
  • Ability to read merge fields and automatically send emails to new rows in Google Sheets
  • Campaign analytics that provide shareable reports on opens, clicks, replies, and more
  • Personalization options with mail merges and conditional logic
  • Automatic follow-up sequences to boost response rates.


  • Features break Gmail's limits
  • Campaign analytics for tracking opens, clicks, replies, and more
  • Personalization at scale with mail merges and conditional logic.


  • Limited functionality compared to other email deliverability tools.
  • Lack of integration with popular email marketing services.
  • May not provide accurate or comprehensive results for deliverability testing.
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