Fraudmarc Email Deliverability Tool

Improve your inbox placement rate with simple access to SPF records, DKIM & DMARC.

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What is Fraudmarc Email Deliverability Tool?

Fraudmarc is an email deliverability tool that offers a range of solutions to help protect brands, users, and ensure email deliverability. It provides tools such as SPF Record Check to inspect and fix domain's SPF records, DMARC Check to view a domain's DMARC policy, and Outbox Protection to secure all domains and minimize burden on the team. Fraudmarc also offers Universal SPF, SPF Compression, and DMARC reporting to help users understand mail flow and maintain compliance with SPF records.


  • SPF Record Check: Inspect and fix any domain's SPF record.
  • DMARC Check: Quickly view a domain's DMARC policy.
  • Universal SPF: Intelligent record flattening that removes DNS lookups.
  • SPF Compression: Enterprise policy management for SPF records.
  • DMARC reporting: Everything you need to understand mail flow and secure your email deliverability.


  • Fraudmarc provides a comprehensive email deliverability solution, including SPF record checks and DMARC analysis.
  • It offers both self-service and full-service options for managing SPF records and ensuring compliance.
  • Fraudmarc's Outbox Protection feature helps protect your brand, users, and email deliverability by securing all of your domains with minimal burden on your team.


  • Limited options for DMARC analysis tools compared to other providers.
  • Lack of clear pricing information for their products.
  • No mention of customer support availability or responsiveness.
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