Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost) Email Deliverability Tool

Advanced AI-powered email platform built for scale, with a focus on revenue-impact through customer experiences, for hypergrowth brands.

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What is Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost) Email Deliverability Tool?

Netcore Email API, formerly known as Pepipost, is a powerful email deliverability tool that allows users to send emails at scale. It offers rich APIs and enterprise-grade security, ensuring that emails are delivered efficiently and securely. With features like AMP email and personalized campaigns, Netcore Email API helps businesses build meaningful connections with their customers. Trusted by over 6,500 enterprise customers and with a high inbox placement rate of 95%, Netcore Email API is a top choice for businesses looking to optimize their email marketing strategies.


  • Email API is an enterprise-grade email delivery tool.
  • It offers rich APIs for easy integration and fast delivery.
  • It has a high inbox placement rate, reaching the right users at the right time.
  • It provides personalized and engaging email marketing campaigns.
  • It offers AMP email functionality for interactive experiences within emails.


  • Trusted for Email delivery at scale.
  • Rich APIs for easy integration and fast delivery.
  • Enterprise Grade Security for secure email communication.


  • Limited support for customer queries and concerns.
  • Lack of comprehensive documentation for troubleshooting and integration.
  • Inconsistent email deliverability rates for some users.
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