Unspam Email Deliverability Tool

Check the newsletter spam score and quality. Improve the deliverability of your emails with the online spam tester and checker tool.

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What is Unspam Email Deliverability Tool?

The Unspam email deliverability tool offers a range of features to improve the deliverability of your emails. It provides email, IP, and domain blacklist monitoring, ensuring that you are alerted when your domain or IP address is blacklisted. The tool also performs accessibility checks, ensuring that your emails can be read by everyone. Additionally, it offers email preview capabilities, allowing you to see how your emails will look on different devices and platforms. With AI eye-tracking prediction heatmap data, you can create more impactful campaigns. The tool also includes features like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, reverse DNS, broken links and short URL checks, domain suffix and age checks, list unsubscribe headers, and HTML body best practices. The tool offers different pricing options based on your needs, including a free plan with limited features.


  • Email, IP, Domain Blacklists - Instantly know if your domain or IP address has been blacklisted.
  • Accessibility Checks - Ensure your emails are readable for all recipients with full accessibility checks.
  • Email Preview - See how your email will look on every device, platform, and operating system.
  • AI Eye-Tracking Prediction Heatmap - Get accurate data on where subscribers are looking and reading your emails to improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) - Prevent email spoofing and spam by verifying your emails come from a genuine IP address.


  • Provides real-time notifications when your domain or IP address is blacklisted.
  • Ensures email accessibility with comprehensive checks for potential barriers.
  • Offers instant preview of emails for every device, platform, and operating system.


  • Limited number of spam tests, email previews, and inbox tests for the free plan.
  • Pricing plans may be expensive for businesses and agencies.
  • Lack of information on the performance and effectiveness of the tool.
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