Bulletproof Background Images Email Marketing Tool

Create rock-solid background images for your HTML email with some help from VML and CSS.

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What is Bulletproof Background Images Email Marketing Tool?

Bulletproof Background Images is an email marketing tool that allows users to incorporate solid background images into their HTML emails using VML and CSS. The tool also provides the option to host your own image or use a free service like imgur, and includes a fallback color for when the background image isn't loaded. Users can apply background images to the full email body or a specific part of a table-based layout. The tool was developed by Stig, an email ninja at Campaign Monitor.


  • Allows you to use rock-solid background images in your HTML email with the help of VML and CSS.
  • Provides options to host your own image or use a free service like imgur for background images.
  • Allows you to apply background image to the full email body, a single table cell, or a table cell in a restricted part of a layout.
  • Supports different table cell widths and heights, including fixed and adaptive options.
  • Developed by Campaign Monitor's email ninja Stig and offers troubleshooting and FAQ sections for support.


Pros of Bulletproof Background Images email marketing tool:

  • Allows for the use of rock-solid background images in HTML emails, enhancing the visual appeal of email campaigns.
  • Provides options to host your own image or use a free service like imgur for background images, increasing flexibility and convenience.
  • Offers fallback color options, ensuring a seamless user experience even if the background image fails to load.


  • Limited compatibility with email clients
  • Difficult to customize and make responsive
  • Cannot be placed on top of other background images
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