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Your business is sitting on a goldmine of untapped data -- conversational emails. Visualize your team's email activity with EmailAnalytics, uncovering essential metrics like average email response time and more.

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What is EmailAnalytics Email Marketing Tool?

EmailAnalytics is an email marketing tool that allows organizations to track and visualize their team's email activity. With EmailAnalytics, users can gain insights into average email response times, top senders and recipients, email activity by hour and day, and much more. The tool is private and secure, requiring no workflow changes or software installation. It is trusted by over 10,000 businesses and has been shown to improve response time by 42.5% for teams that use it.


  • EmailAnalytics is a secure and private email analytics tool.
  • It provides insights into email activity, including average response times and top senders & recipients.
  • The tool allows for easy visualization of email traffic by day of the week and hour of the day.
  • It supports team management, comparing email activity and metrics for team members.
  • EmailAnalytics works with Gmail and Outlook, and no software installation is required.


Pros about EmailAnalytics email marketing tool:

  • Private and secure: EmailAnalytics ensures the privacy and security of your team's email activity, with no access to email content and only storing subject lines and email addresses.
  • Easy setup and integration: No software installation or workflow changes required, making it convenient to start monitoring and visualizing your team's email analytics.
  • Valuable insights: Gain visibility and unlock valuable insights from your team's daily email activity, including average response times, top senders and recipients, email traffic by day and hour, and more.


  • Limited customization options for email metrics.
  • Pricing plans may be expensive for small businesses.
  • No integration with popular CRM platforms.
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