HTML Crush - Minify HTML Email Marketing Tool

Email-friendly HTML minification tool that limits lines, respects Outlook conditional tags and accepts mixed input

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What is HTML Crush - Minify HTML Email Marketing Tool?

HTML Crush is a useful tool for email marketers that helps to minify HTML code. It offers several options, such as removing line breaks, indentations, HTML and CSS comments, and setting a line length limit. It also allows users to reset specific elements or remove them altogether from the code. With HTML Crush, users can easily optimize their HTML code for better email marketing performance.


  • Minifies HTML email marketing content.
  • Removes line breaks and indentations from HTML.
  • Removes HTML and CSS comments.
  • Allows setting a line length limit.
  • Provides options to remove specific HTML elements and tags.


  • Helps to minify HTML code for email marketing campaigns.
  • Provides options to remove line breaks, indentations, HTML comments, and CSS comments.
  • Allows users to set a line length limit to ensure optimal email compatibility.


  • Limited customization options
  • May remove necessary code or tags
  • May not optimize the email for all email clients
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