mailspice analytics Email Marketing Tool

Email analytics add-on for all email services that provides deep insights into all of your email campaigns (works with all ESPs).

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What is mailspice analytics Email Marketing Tool?

Mailspice Analytics is a comprehensive email marketing tool that offers a complete solution for data-driven B2C and B2B marketing communication. It is user-friendly, adheres to central CI guidelines, and can be tailored to meet all of your company's requirements. With its advanced user and rights system, martrexo is suitable for use in both small and large organizations with multiple departments. The tool ensures data protection and security, complying with strict EU-GDPR and BDSG-neu regulations. It also allows for standardized corporate identity while accommodating the individuality of different departments. With martrexo, you can easily integrate it with your existing websites, databases, and CRM systems through seamless interfaces. The tool ensures high-quality results by implementing a sophisticated and tailored quality management system. It also prioritizes deliverability and reputation, being a certified sender continuously monitored by the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). Furthermore, martrexo provides comprehensive analysis and reporting features to enrich your campaigns with additional insights for continuous optimization of segmentation and targeting strategies. It is constantly evolving, often incorporating exclusive features based on customer requirements. Martrexo enables you to reach your target audiences with relevant and tailored content through various segmentation options such as geographic, linguistic, timezone-based, product interest, and behavioral targeting. It also allows you to engage with your audiences across multiple channels, including email, mobile messaging, and social media. By incorporating Email newsletters, messaging, and social media into your customer journey, you can further enhance the success of your campaigns. Martrexo serves a diverse clientele, including global players, small and medium-sized enterprises, and associations.


  • Comprehensive data-driven email marketing solution with a user-friendly interface.
  • Personal project support and expert guidance throughout the email marketing process.
  • Ensures privacy and data security compliance with EU-DSGVO and BDSG-neu standards.
  • Offers standardized corporate identity design while allowing for individual customization.
  • Flexible integration with existing websites, databases, and CRM systems through seamless interfaces.


  • Onboarding videos for easy usage and understanding.
  • Personal project support from qualified experts.
  • Compliance with EU data protection regulations and high security standards.


  • Lack of clear information on pricing and cost structure.
  • Limited customization options for branding and design.
  • Lack of advanced analytics and reporting features.
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