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Parcel streamlines your development workflow to help you rapidly code high-quality emails

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What is Parcel Email Marketing Tool?

Parcel is an email marketing tool designed to help brands and agencies code high-quality emails. It offers a code editor specifically for email code, which handles the unique aspects of email HTML and provides autocomplete and hover information. The tool also includes features such as code formatting, error reporting, and the ability to create HTML, Text, and AMP versions of emails in the same file. Parcel also offers a variety of preview tools, including an element inspector, focus mode, and impairment emulation, to ensure emails are rendering correctly. Additionally, it provides design systems and components to streamline the email creation process, as well as transformations to optimize code and send tests to real inboxes. For teams, Parcel offers collaboration tools, workspaces, and sharing options.


  • Email marketing tool with a code editor specifically designed for email development.
  • Streamlined workflow with approvals and feedback features to speed up the review process.
  • Powerful email design systems with reusable components to build and customize emails faster.
  • Robust analytics to measure campaign performance and simplify code for efficient marketing strategies.
  • Real-time previews, inbox previews, and validators for links, images, etc., for comprehensive testing and optimization.


Pros of Parcel email marketing tool:

  • Streamlines team's review process and facilitates faster campaign execution.
  • Provides powerful email design systems with reusable components for efficient email creation.
  • Offers real-time previews, extensive inbox previews, and validators for links, images, etc. to ensure email quality.


Cons of Parcel email marketing tool:

  • Non-standard CSS used in email coding could be difficult for beginners.
  • Limited customization options for code formatting.
  • Some features, such as spam score and accessibility checking, may require additional steps or plugins.
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