Phrasee Email Marketing Tool

AI, powered SaaS platform for enhanced customer experience.

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What is Phrasee Email Marketing Tool?

Phrasee is an email marketing tool that utilizes generative AI to generate and optimize on-brand marketing messages. It helps businesses maximize customer engagement by delivering real-time, personalized content. The platform allows marketers to create on-brand messages, optimize message delivery, and understand what language resonates with their customers. Phrasee's AI-powered content is trained on extensive data to accurately predict and generate messages that are most likely to engage audiences. With enterprise-grade controls and scalability, Phrasee helps marketers increase clicks, conversions, and ROI.


  • Phrasee delivers AI-generated, on-brand content with enterprise-grade controls and optimization at scale.
  • Phrasee uses generative AI to generate billions of the best marketing messages across the digital customer journey.
  • Phrasee's AI-generated content is trained on hundreds of thousands of experiments to accurately predict what message elements are most likely to engage your audience.
  • Phrasee helps marketing teams increase clicks, conversions, customer retention, and loyalty through content optimization.
  • Phrasee supports multiple channels including email, SMS, push notifications, web and app, and social media.


  • Generates on-brand marketing messages in real-time
  • Optimizes content to maximize customer engagement
  • Provides insights into customer language preferences


  • Lack of detailed information about features and capabilities.
  • Potential difficulty in integrating with other marketing tools.
  • Limited customer testimonials and case studies available for reference.
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