Tabifier - code indentation Email Marketing Tool

A useful tool for the code indentation in HTML files. Works with mixed input sources.

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What is Tabifier - code indentation Email Marketing Tool?

Tabifier is a code indentation email marketing tool created by Anthony Lieuallen. It is designed to properly indent computer code, supporting CSS, HTML, C Style, JSON, JavaScript, and PHP. The tabifier produces a mixture of the creator's personal preferences for indentation along with what the program can generate from messy source code. However, if invalid or broken code is inputted, the output may be incorrect.


  • Tabifier is a tool for properly indenting computer code.
  • It supports CSS, HTML, and C Style code.
  • The style it produces is a mix of personal indentation preferences and program output.
  • It is compatible with JavaScript and PHP code.
  • Invalid or broken code will result in incorrect output.


  • Helps properly indent and format computer code.
  • Works with CSS, HTML, and C Style code.
  • Easy to use and navigate through the tool.


  • Output may not be accurate with invalid/broken code.
  • Limited support for programming languages (CSS, HTML, and C Style).
  • The style of indentation is based on the personal preferences of the developer.
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