Viral Loops Email Marketing Tool

A template-based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers.

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What is Viral Loops Email Marketing Tool?

Viral Loops is an email marketing tool that offers a variety of referral program templates designed to help businesses increase customer referrals. They provide fully managed service solutions for industries such as newsletter creators, fintech, startups, and e-commerce. Their templates include options such as the Newsletter Referral, Milestone Referral, Startup Prelaunch, and Tempting Giveaway, among others. Viral Loops also offers resources like free e-books, documentation, and videos to support users in creating their dream referral program. With Viral Loops, businesses can launch and track referral campaigns, increase customer acquisition, and turn happy customers into brand ambassadors.


  • Fully managed service for referral marketing campaigns.
  • Templates for various referral programs, including milestone-based and newsletter referrals.
  • Integration with Shopify for referral programs in e-commerce stores.
  • In-depth documentation and resources, including free e-books and videos.
  • Customizable campaign widgets and landing pages for a branded experience.


Pros of Viral Loops email marketing tool:

  • Easy and quick setup of referral marketing campaigns with template-based programs.
  • Affordable user acquisition compared to paid ads, as you grow independently of how much you spend.
  • Integration with popular tools for seamless use and integration into existing workflows.


  • Limited customization options for campaign widgets
  • Lack of in-depth campaign performance analytics
  • No built-in integration with popular email platforms
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