SpamTitan Email Security Software

Block 99.99% of Spam with SpamTitan Anti Spam Filter. Cloud Based. Block Malware, Ransomware, Phishing and Viruses.

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What is SpamTitan Email Security Software?

SpamTitan is a powerful email security software that provides advanced protection against spam and malicious email threats for businesses. It is a cloud-based solution that is easy to set up and requires minimal IT support. With its multi-award winning technology, SpamTitan Cloud has been recognized for its effectiveness in blocking spam and malware, earning 36 consecutive VB Bulletin Anti-Spam awards. It also offers additional features such as sandboxing to protect against unknown or suspicious programs and files, as well as anti-phishing protection with its SpamTitan Plus solution. Overall, SpamTitan is a reliable and user-friendly email security software that ensures the safety of businesses' email communications.


  • SpamTitan Cloud is a cloud-based email filtering service with minimal IT support needed.
  • SpamTitan Plus is an advanced anti-phishing solution with A.I. driven click-time protection.
  • SpamTitan Cloud is an additional email security layer for protecting Office 365 from malware and zero-day attacks.
  • SpamTitan Cloud has a quick and easy setup process and requires no hardware or software.
  • SpamTitan Cloud offers multilayered anti-spam and anti-malware blocking with double antivirus protection.


  • SpamTitan Cloud is an advanced, cloud-based Anti-Spam solution that blocks spam and malicious email threats from your business.
  • Easy to set up, simple to configure, and up and running in minutes with low maintenance overhead.
  • Multilayered anti-spam analysis, double antivirus protection, and sandboxing feature for advanced email security.


  • Limited IT support required for setup and maintenance.
  • Provides multilayered anti-spam analysis with various features such as SPF, SURBL's, RBL's Bayesian analysis, etc.
  • Offers sandboxing feature for in-depth analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files.
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