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Design, prototype, and gather feedback all in a single design tool.

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Speed up email production with our email template builder.

Create stunning templates without developers and designers with 500+ templates, content blocks and interactive widgets.

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What is Figma Email Template Builder?

The email template builder is a feature of Figma, an all-in-one design platform. It allows designers to create and customize email templates in a collaborative and efficient manner. With real-time collaboration and visibility for every team member, the email template builder in Figma streamlines the design process and ensures consistency throughout the email designs. This tool is especially valuable for teams working on email marketing campaigns or designing transactional emails.


  • All-in-one design platform with design, prototyping, and development features.
  • Real-time collaboration for teams to work together efficiently.
  • Design systems for consistent and reusable design assets.
  • FigJam online whiteboard for collaborative team meetings and planning.
  • Free expertly crafted files and community resources available for use.


  • The email template builder in Figma allows for efficient collaboration among team members during the design process.
  • The builder includes prototyping features to create realistic prototypes and gather feedback quickly.
  • Figma's email template builder provides design systems features, promoting consistency and saving time in the development process.


  • Limited customization options for email templates.
  • Lack of advanced features for personalization and automation.
  • Difficulty in integrating with other email marketing tools.
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