GrapesJS MJML Email Template Builder

Open Source Newsletter Builder with MJML components in GrapesJS.

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Speed up email production with our email template builder.

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What is GrapesJS MJML Email Template Builder?

The email template builder offered by GrapesJS enables users to incorporate MJML components into their designs. With the ability to render MJML components in real-time using the official v4 compiler, the resulting templates closely resemble those created in the MJML Live Editor. Users can choose from a variety of supported MJML components and customize their templates using options such as custom blocks, code viewer theme, custom fonts, and more. The builder also offers features like importing MJML templates, exporting HTML code, and resetting previous blocks and devices.


  • Email template builder that enables usage of MJML components.
  • Real-time rendering of MJML components in the GrapesJS environment.
  • Supports multiple MJML components such as mj-mjml, mj-head, mj-body, mj-wrapper, etc.
  • Offers various options and customization features for the template builder.
  • Compatible with GrapesJS v0.1-9 or higher.


  • The email template builder supports MJML components.
  • It allows for real-time rendering of MJML components.
  • The template builder is compatible with GrapesJS v0.1-9 or higher.


  • Limited customization options for templates.
  • Difficult to make complex design changes.
  • May not be compatible with all email clients.
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