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Get real screenshots of your email in all popular email applications in a minute. We know the importance of email marketing but more importantly, we know the importance of doing email marketing in the right way. An email content properly designed may cause your email marketing campaign to fail.

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What is PreviewMyEmail Email Testing Tool?

PreviewMyEmail is an email testing tool that enables marketers to see how their emails will appear in various email clients, helping them optimize designs for better visual consistency.


  • Displays how emails appear in various email clients.
  • Assists in optimizing email templates for consistency.
  • Enables designers to refine layouts and styles.
  • Helps marketers achieve desired email aesthetics.
  • Ensures emails look appealing across platforms.


  • Offers visual representation of email appearance in various clients.
  • Facilitates design adjustments to ensure cross-client compatibility.
  • Streamlines the design process by visualizing changes before sending.


  • Could be limited in providing insights beyond email rendering.
  • Might not offer comprehensive analysis for intricate design issues.
  • Could have restrictions in previewing emails in all possible clients.
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