VeriAS Email Verification Tool

The data verification and scoring software that builds accurate and deliverable lists to maximize your customer interaction.

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What is VeriAS Email Verification Tool?

Verias, a technology platform that offers various solutions including email verification. Verias' Email Verification tool helps businesses ensure that their email content reaches the intended audience by validating email records in their customer lists. The tool also eliminates duplicates, catches bad domains, uncovers malicious emails and phone numbers, and identifies hard bounces with a high level of accuracy. Additionally, Verias provides in-depth analytics, insightful reporting, and competitive pricing plans for its email verification services. By using Verias' Email Verification tool, businesses can maintain a valid and healthy data reputation for their email marketing campaigns.


  • Real-time Bulk & API Verification
  • Freshness Scoring
  • Remove Hard Bounces
  • Spam Trap & Abuse Checker
  • In-depth Email Analytics


  • The email verification tool validates email records, ensuring that your content reaches the intended audience.
  • It eliminates duplicates and identifies bad domains and malicious emails in your database, improving the quality of your email campaigns.
  • The tool provides insightful reporting and analytics, giving you a thorough overview of your email list hygiene and helping you make data-driven decisions.


  • Limited customization options for pricing plans.
  • Lack of detailed reporting and analytics features.
  • May not be able to identify all spam traps and abuse emails.
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