X- EmailVerify Email Verification Tool

Boost your email deliverability with! Ensure your messages reach the right inboxes by verifying email addresses before sending. Save time, money, and resources with our reliable email verification service. Verify with confidence and increase your email campaign's success!

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What is X- EmailVerify Email Verification Tool?

The X-EmailVerify tool is a powerful email verification tool that can help increase email deliverability. It offers a variety of features, including single-email verification, bulk-email verification, real-time email validation API, blacklist monitor, syntax errors validator, and email duplicates remover. By using X-EmailVerify, organizations can ensure a deliverability rate of almost 99% and protect their sender reputation. This tool is essential for organizations looking to collect quality data, increase the value of their marketing efforts, and ensure that emails are delivered to active inboxes.


  • Verify Before Sending, Increase the Email Deliverability
  • Integrates with your favorite platforms
  • Ensures a deliverability rate of almost 99%
  • Offers single email verification or bulk email list verification
  • Integrates with industry-leading email marketing tools


  • X-EmailVerify ensures a deliverability rate of almost 99%.
  • It provides single email verification and bulk email verification options.
  • The tool integrates with industry-leading email marketing tools to help clean email lists.


  • Limited number of free credits per day.
  • Integration only with industry-leading email marketing tools.
  • No mention of real-time customer support or technical assistance.
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