Goolara Symphonie Transactional Email Service

Automated Email marketing reports in Goolara Symphonie let you see how well your automation workflows are performing.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates and lowest fear of spam folders.

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What is Goolara Symphonie Transactional Email Service?

The transactional email service offered by Goolara Symphonie provides a range of powerful features including automation, triggered email, dynamic content, and the ability to fix broken links. It also offers report features for tracking key performance indicators and metrics, as well as data control and segmentation capabilities. Additionally, Goolara Symphonie provides integration options, deliverability services, and a powerful content editor for creating and sending email campaigns.


  • Pricing: The transactional email service offers a better price compared to other options.
  • Automation: The service includes automation features to streamline email sending processes.
  • Barcodes: The service supports the use of barcodes in emails.
  • Fix Broken Links: The service helps identify and fix broken links in email campaigns.
  • Internationalization: The service supports internationalization, allowing for multilingual email campaigns.


  • A/B Testing makes it easy to optimize email results.
  • Powerful Content Editor allows for flexible email creation.
  • Deliverability Services ensure that emails reach the inbox and avoid the junk folder.


  • Limited pricing options.
  • Lack of advanced automation features.
  • No mention of customer support availability.
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