JangoMail Transactional Email Service

JangoMail offers a number of features you can use to create high-quality professional looking emails.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates and lowest fear of spam folders.

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What is JangoMail Transactional Email Service?

JangoMail is a transactional email service that offers a wide range of features for businesses of all sizes and industries. With JangoMail, you have access to all the necessary features to create, send, and track your emails. Whether it's account features, master/subaccount setup, private label service, or customer support, JangoMail ensures that you have everything you need. In terms of composition features, JangoMail offers a variety of templates and a WYSIWYG email editor for creating professional-looking HTML emails. The service also allows for personalized email messages, which can help increase engagement with subscribers. When it comes to sending options, JangoMail provides options for broadcast email, transactional email, automated email messages, and sending email via API. The platform also offers excellent list management features, such as opt-in form creation and a robust API for controlling your account programmatically. JangoMail's delivery features help ensure that emails are delivered to subscribers' inboxes, with email authentication, delivery testing, dedicated IPs, and database connections. Finally, JangoMail offers unique reporting features that provide in-depth campaign performance and subscriber interaction data. Overall, JangoMail is a comprehensive transactional email service that provides businesses with the tools they need for effective email marketing campaigns.


  • JangoMail offers dedicated IP addresses for sending at an extra charge.
  • JangoMail provides a master/subaccount setup for managing multiple accounts under one umbrella.
  • JangoMail offers a private label service for creating a 100% domain-branded private label solution.
  • JangoMail provides superior customer support through online chat, live phone support, a 24x7 ticketing system, and 911 emergency support.
  • JangoMail offers various features for creating professional-looking emails, including 150+ email templates, a WYSIWYG email editor, and personalized email messages.


  • The transactional email service offers a range of features for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • The service provides excellent customer support including online chat, live phone support, and a 24x7 ticketing system.
  • The service offers customizable email templates, a WYSIWYG email editor, and personalized email message options.


  • Extra charges for dedicated IP addresses for sending.
  • No mention of spam filtering features.
  • Limited options for automated email campaigns.
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