Klaviyo Transactional Email Service

Klaviyo Transactional Email is a powerful email marketing tool designed to help businesses send automated, personalized transactional emails to their customers. With Klaviyo, businesses can easily customize their emails by adding images, logos and other branding materials, and tailor their content to specific customer segments or behaviors. This platform also provides in-depth analytics and insights into email performance, so businesses can understand how their campaigns are performing in real-time, and make data-driven decisions to improve engagement, conversions and revenue.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates.

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What is Klaviyo Transactional Email Service?

Klaviyo is an intelligent marketing automation platform that offers a transactional email service. With Klaviyo, businesses can create automated, hyper-targeted messages at scale, allowing for faster and more efficient growth. The platform offers features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, mobile push notifications, and reviews to help businesses engage with their customers effectively. Klaviyo also provides analytics, data science, and AI capabilities to guide business growth, allowing businesses to fully understand their customers and track success across channels. Additionally, Klaviyo offers real-time segments for targeting the right audience and provides peer benchmarks for continuous improvement.


  • Create automated, hyper-targeted messages at scale.
  • Send rich, engaging emails with dynamic content.
  • Reach your most engaged VIP customers through SMS marketing.
  • Boost engagement with mobile push notifications.
  • Build trust and increase sales by collecting and showcasing customer-written reviews.


  • Create automated, hyper-targeted messages at scale for efficient growth.
  • Reach your most engaged VIP customers through SMS marketing.
  • Boost engagement and delight customers with perfectly timed notifications through mobile push.


  • Higher pricing tiers might be less budget-friendly for smaller businesses.
  • Complex interface and features could lead to a steeper learning curve.
  • Some advanced functionalities might be limited to higher subscription levels.
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