OMQ Reply Transactional Email Service

With OMQ reply your customers gets automatically responses to their emails in real time. Improve your customer service with AI technology.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates and lowest fear of spam folders.

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What is OMQ Reply Transactional Email Service?

The transactional email service offered by OMQ Reply allows companies to automate the process of answering customer emails. By integrating their email bot into ticketing systems like Zendesk or Freshdesk, OMQ Reply can analyze incoming customer emails and automatically provide answers to common questions. The AI-powered system understands the intent behind customer inquiries and can accurately respond with relevant solutions. Additionally, OMQ Reply automatically documents the progress of service requests, making it easier for service staff to track and manage customer interactions.


  • OMQ Reply is an email bot that automatically answers customer support emails.
  • It integrates with ticketing systems like Zendesk and Freshdesk.
  • OMQ Reply uses AI with Intention Recognition to understand customer inquiries.
  • It filters and highlights individual questions in customer emails and provides solutions.
  • OMQ Reply automatically documents service requests and marks them as closed.


  • OMQ Reply analyses incoming customer emails and answers general known questions automatically.
  • OMQ Reply integrates easily with popular ticketing systems such as Zendesk and Freshdesk.
  • OMQ Reply offers automatic documentation, saving time and effort for service staff.


  • Lack of personalized responses to customer emails.
  • Limited integration options with ticketing systems.
  • Possible errors or glitches in the automated email responses.
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