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Building a $100M Chocolate Brand: Success Story

Jake Karls shared his journey of building a $100M chocolate empire, focusing on the challenges and unique strategies that led to success.


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Jake Karls, founder of Mid-Day Squares, shared insights into building a $100M chocolate empire, highlighting challenges and strategies.

Overcoming Challenges in Logistics: Shipping refrigerated chocolate posed freshness issues. Innovations included an online sample program, hand-delivering bars to customers in Montreal, fostering early traction and personalization.

Building a Following and Unique Strategies: Midday Squares tackled anonymity with a unique approach. They offered a 25-cent per bar online sample program, facilitating trial and gathering feedback. Social media showcased their journey, transitioning to a DTC and retail brand.

The Power of Personalization and Authenticity: Jake emphasized unapologetic authenticity. Mid-Day Squares personalized experiences, sending Polaroids and notes. Despite scaling challenges, they automated while maintaining personal touches, fostering a deeper brand connection beyond transactions.

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