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Beyond Best Practices: Hacks to Scale Your eCommerce Email Marketing

In this chat, Kasey Luck and Jacob George provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses and detailed strategies for leveraging email marketing to overcome these challenges.


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In this engaging discussion on email marketing for e-commerce, Kasey and Jacob provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses and how email marketing serves as a powerful solution.

Challenges in ecommerce email marketing: Kasey highlighted three common challenges in email marketing: growing the list, maintaining high engagement, and connecting with the audience. She stressed the significance of pop-ups for list growth and recommended a focus on automating email sequences and campaigns. Kasey also advised careful segmentation to deliver more targeted and personalized content to subscribers.

Importance of onboarding emails: Jacob elaborated on the importance of onboarding and welcome emails in retaining customers. He provided three key tips for a successful welcome series: segmentation for personalization, gradually introducing subscribers to the brand, and incentivizing engagement with exclusive offers. Both Kasey and Jacob emphasized the pivotal role of personalization and data collection in effective email marketing.

Framework for effective ecommerce email marketing: As a final takeaway, Kasey outlined a high-level framework for e-commerce marketing, categorizing activities into acquisition, conversion, and retention. She recommended paying attention to email automations and flows, advocating for the automation of processes wherever possible. She also emphasized the importance of segmentation in email campaigns to deliver more relevant content.

Role of Interactive emails to boost conversions: Kasey also presented the use of interactive elements in emails to provide engaging and informative content. The conversation concluded with a discussion on the one tactic everyone should try, with a strong recommendation for exploring interactive emails and leveraging tools like Mailmodo.

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