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How to Boost Your Shopify Store Conversion Metrics

In this panel discussion, Blair, Jameela and Ruth shared their valuable insights on how businesses can adapt to the changing dynamics of the e-commerce landscape and improve their conversion rates and build customer trust.


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In this panel discussion on boosting shopify/ecommerce store conversions, three experts, Blair Beckwith, Jameela Gahn, and Ruth, shared valuable insights.

With the following as the primary focus of this chat:

  1. Understanding customer behavior
  2. Building trust, and
  3. Addressing challenges faced by businesses in the current economic landscape.

Collecting reviews to boost sales: Jameela highlighted the tendency for businesses to get immersed in day-to-day operations without dedicating enough time to interact with customers and gather feedback. According to her, this lack of communication with customers can lead to friction points in the shopping process. She stressed the significance of trust and credibility for ecommerce stores, citing examples from conversion rate optimization audits she conducted. Jameela noted that essential information, such as shipping details and product reviews, contributes to building trust and credibility. Her key takeaway - customers need to trust a brand from the outset, as trust issues can deter potential conversions.

Role of customer support: Blair expanded on the human side of e-commerce, emphasizing the significance of building relationships with customers. He acknowledged the challenging times for businesses, with concerns about a potential recession, changing buying behaviors, and shifts in the advertising landscape. Blair highlighted the evolving difficulty of relying solely on buying traffic to compensate for a poor conversion rate. Site speed, according to Blair, was a crucial yet often overlooked factor affecting small stores. He cautioned against the excessive use of apps without optimizing the website's theme, as it could significantly impact site speed. From a human perspective, he drew parallels between online and brick-and-mortar stores, emphasizing the importance of personalized interactions and comparing it to the experience of being ignored in a physical store.

Upselling your way to revenue: Ruth discussed specific tactics to increase conversions, considering the rising costs of customer acquisition. Ruth suggested incorporating upsells throughout the entire sales funnel, from product recommendations on the product page to one-click upsells post-purchase. She emphasized the need for strategic placement of upsells to avoid overwhelming customers, especially during critical stages like the checkout process.

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