Domain Reputation

Set up Google Postmaster to check domain reputation


What will this help with?

  • Valuable insights on Domain reputation and health

  • Detailed insights on IP reputation, spam rate, and % of emails authenticated

Dependence - The tech team/whoever manages your domains

What is domain reputation?

Domain reputation is the overall health of your domain. Think of domain reputation as your credit score. If you have a good credit score, the banks see you as a valuable customer. Similarly, if you have a good domain reputation, it will signal to ISPs that your emails are relevant and valuable.

You can measure domain health with tools like Google Postmaster, which tracks data on your domain health, spam reports, etc.

How to set up Google Postmaster?

  1. You need a Google account to proceed. If you don’t have one, start by creating an account. Visit and log in with your Gmail account.

  2. Enter your authentication domain name in the popup that appears next.

  3. Google Postmaster will generate a TXT record. Copy it and add it to your DNS configuration of the entered domain. You can ask your tech team for help if you don't have access to the domain records.

google postmaster verification

  1. You can add a CNAME record as an alternate option if you’re having trouble with the TXT record.

  2. You’ve to verify the ownership after you’re done adding the record. You can do this by clicking “Verify” in the popup, which will show you a success message

  3. After verification, wait until Postmaster collects the required data.

  4. You can explore the tools it offers and measure your email campaigns.

  5. Visit Google Postmaster and review the data there every week to ensure high domain health.

However, if you are on Mailmodo, this becomes simple. You can check the sender domain health in the email tool itself.

How to see Google Postmaster data directly in Mailmodo?

  1. Sign in to Postmaster and add your domain by following the steps above.

  2. Click on the ellipsis icon against your domain. Then, click on ‘Manage Users’ and click on the ‘+’ sign in the bottom right corner.

  3. Grant read access to

  4. Now head to your Mailmodo account, go to the Setting > Sender settings, and locate your sender domain

  5. Click on ‘Setup’ below your sender domain, as shown in the below image.

Mailmodo sender settings

  1. On the next window, click on verify.

  2. Once verified, you can check the domain health directly in Mailmodo sender settings, as shown in the above image.

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