Optimize send time for better open rates


What will this help with?

  • Improve open rates and engagement

  • Better targeting of emails for higher conversion rates

How to set up send time optimization

Figure out if your ESP has an STO feature. If it has one, follow their documentation to enable it for your account. If it doesn’t have one, follow the below steps for optimized scheduling of campaigns.

  1. Find the most active day and time with respect to open rates and click rates for your email campaigns. You can do this by analyzing previous campaigns' performances from your ESP’s dashboard.

  2. Find out which time is the best open time for different geographies. You can segment based on geographies such as Eastern and Western Hemispheres, continents, regions, time zones, or countries, depending on the geographic location of your customer base.

  3. Create a concise report with a time and day that worked well for different contact segments and content types. Use this information to deploy future campaigns.

How to set up send-time optimization on Mailmodo

⚡️ At Mailmodo, we have built-in send-time optimization feature, which suggests the best time to send campaigns based on previous campaigns. You can enable and use this any time you want to send a campaign.

STO feature

You can select this feature as part of Sending options whenever you are scheduling/sending your next campaign. Read more about the STO feature on Mailmodo here.

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