MX Toolbox Email Deliverability Tool

DNS Look up and diagnostic tools to monitor and analyze your email server systems.

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What is MX Toolbox Email Deliverability Tool?

MX Toolbox is an email deliverability tool that allows users to check MX records for a domain in priority order. It provides an MX lookup feature that is directly connected to the domain's authoritative name server, ensuring that any changes to MX Records are instantly reflected. The tool also offers diagnostics such as verifying reverse DNS records, performing an open relay check, and measuring response time performance. Additionally, users can check each MX record against 105 DNS-based blacklists to ensure email deliverability. MX Toolbox prioritizes user privacy and offers password-protected accounts for accessing its features.


  • MX Toolbox is an email deliverability tool.
  • It allows users to perform an MX lookup for a domain.
  • The tool verifies reverse DNS records and performs a simple Open Relay check.
  • It can measure response time performance of the mail server.
  • Users can also check each MX record against 105 DNS based blacklists.


  • Provides instant and accurate MX record lookup and verification.
  • Offers diagnostics to check reverse DNS records, perform open relay checks, and measure response time performance.
  • Allows users to check IP addresses against 105 DNS-based blacklists for email deliverability assurance.


  • JavaScript is required for this site, which can be inconvenient for users who have disabled JavaScript or are using older browsers.
  • The tool lacks specific information about its features and capabilities, making it difficult to assess its effectiveness.
  • There is no mention of customer support or assistance, which may make it challenging for users to get help if they encounter issues or have questions.
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