MXToolbox Email Deliverability Tool

DNS and Network troubleshooting and diagnostic tools integrated into one sweet interface.

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What is MXToolbox Email Deliverability Tool?

MXToolbox is a comprehensive email deliverability tool that allows users to perform MX record, DNS, blacklist, and SMTP diagnostics all in one place. With the ability to input a domain name or IP Address or Host Name, users can access relevant tools and information. The tool also offers a chronological history of results and the option to force a specific test or lookup. MXToolbox offers various features such as checking IP or host reputation, testing mail server SMTP, retrieving DNS MX records, checking SPF and TXT records, and much more. It also provides feedback options and ensures privacy.


  • MXToolbox email deliverability tool offers MX record, DNS, blacklist, and SMTP diagnostics in one integrated tool.
  • It provides a chronological history of results and links to other relevant tools and information.
  • Users can force a particular test or lookup if they already know what they want.
  • The tool supports various commands such as blacklist, SMTP, MX records, SPF records, TXT records, etc.
  • Users can provide feedback to improve the tool's performance and functionality.


  • Integrated tool for MX record, DNS, blacklist, and SMTP diagnostics.
  • Provides a chronological history of results.
  • Offers a variety of tests and lookups for specific needs.


  • Javascript is required for the tool to function, limiting usability for users without Javascript-enabled browsers.
  • The tool lacks a user-friendly interface and may not be easily navigable for beginners.
  • The tool may not provide comprehensive deliverability information, as it primarily focuses on MX records, DNS, and blacklists.
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