Email Experience Council (EEC) Email Marketing Community

A premier organization for email marketing professionals with a mission is to be the voice of the email marketing community, and the source of knowledge and expertise for new entrants and seasoned practitioners.

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  • ⭐ Regularly conduct email initiatives for a variety of organizations
  • ⭐ Members of this community are current or aspiring thought leaders in the field.
  • ⭐ Create opportunities for growth in the industry.

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More about Email Experience Council (EEC) Email Marketing Community:

The Email Experience Council (EEC) is an email marketing community that was acquired by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in 2018. Now part of the ANA Email Excellence Center, the EEC offers expertise, events, networking opportunities, and awards for individuals in the email marketing industry. Members can access resources and training to improve their email programs and stay updated on the ever-changing email landscape. The EEC also recognizes outstanding individuals with annual awards for both brand-side marketers and vendor-side marketers who demonstrate excellence, thought leadership, and innovation in email marketing. Membership is available through the ANA.

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