ESP Finder Email Marketing Tool

Curious which email service provider (ESP) was used to send the marketing emails in your inbox? Just forward them to ESP Finder and it will instantly reply with the answer, free.

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What is ESP Finder Email Marketing Tool?

ESP Finder is a free tool provided by SendView that allows users to discover the email service provider (ESP) used to send marketing emails. By forwarding any email to, users will receive an instant reply indicating the ESP behind the email. ESP Finder is capable of identifying over 315 ESPs and is a helpful resource for email marketers looking to gain insight into their competitors' email campaigns.


  • ESP Finder is a free tool that can identify over 315 ESPs used for email marketing campaigns.
  • Just forward any marketing email to and instantly receive the answer about the ESP used.
  • ESP Finder displays the percentage of total usage for each identified ESP, with MailChimp being the most analyzed at 10.7%.
  • ESP Finder is constantly updating and adding new ESPs to its list.
  • ESP Finder is a feature offered by SendView, a competitor email monitoring and tracking tool.


  • ESP Finder is a free tool to identify the email service provider (ESP) used to send marketing emails.
  • It can identify over 315 ESPs, making it a comprehensive tool for email analysis.
  • The tool is easy to use, simply forward any email to the designated email address and receive an instant reply with the ESP information.


  • Limited number of ESPs identified (31-
  • No guarantee of identifying all ESPs
  • No additional features or tools beyond identifying ESPs
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