NeoCertified Secure Email Security Software

Our Encrypted Email API gives your business the opportunity to access our email services directly from your business application.

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What is NeoCertified Secure Email Security Software?

NeoCertified Secure email security software is a top-rated email security solution that offers better protection and security against unauthorized access, phishing attacks, and other modern cyber threats. With its encrypted solutions and integrated functions, NeoCertified makes it easy to send secure emails and ensure compliance requirements. It also provides advanced threat protection and data loss prevention to keep sensitive emails and attachments safe. With over 20 years of experience in providing military-grade data encryption, NeoCertified is a trusted solution for businesses of all kinds. It offers Microsoft and Gmail integration, a cloud-based portal for fast and easy email sending, and mobile encryption for sending secure emails on the go. NeoCertified also helps businesses achieve HIPAA compliance and ensures the protection of all emails in transit and storage. With its secure contact form, website visitors can securely communicate with businesses. NeoCertified is CCPA compliant, providing the highest standards of privacy protection for clients.


  • Top-rated email security solutions.
  • Eliminate unauthorized access and modern cyberattacks.
  • Customized quotes for multiple user accounts.
  • HIPAA compliant email encryption.
  • Integration with popular email applications like Outlook and Gmail.


  • Top-rated email security solutions.
  • Extensive integration with popular email applications like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Easy-to-use Secure Cloud-Based Portal for fast and secure email communication.


  • Limited customization options for secure email solutions.
  • Lack of integration with popular email applications other than Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Limited tech support availability outside of regular business hours.
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