Proofpoint Email Security and Protection Email Security Software

Proofpoint email protection solutions help organizations defend against threats, secure business continuity, and ensure email compliance.

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What is Proofpoint Email Security and Protection Email Security Software?

Proofpoint Email Security and Protection is an industry-leading email gateway that offers comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats. It utilizes advanced machine learning technology to accurately classify various types of email and detect and block threats such as business email compromise (BEC). The software also provides granular email filtering to control spam and unwanted email, and it allows users to tag and report suspicious emails. Additionally, Proofpoint Email Security and Protection offers the ability to track down any email in seconds and provides visibility into BEC threat details.


  • Industry-leading email gateway software.
  • Catches known and unknown threats that others miss.
  • Advanced machine learning technology for accurate email classification.
  • Defense against business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
  • Granular email filtering to control spam and unwanted email.


  • Proofpoint Email Protection accurately classifies various types of email, including phishing, malware, and business email compromise (BEC) threats.
  • Advanced BEC Defense powered by NexusAI provides sophisticated detection techniques to stop email fraud, even without a malicious payload.
  • Proofpoint Email Protection offers granular email filtering and control options, allowing users to tag suspicious emails, track down emails quickly, and classify and quarantine unwanted email.


  • Limited customization options for email filtering controls.
  • Advanced BEC Defense may not catch all types of email fraud.
  • Lack of integration with other security solutions.
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