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A local, super simple SMTP server which catches any messages sent to it to display in a web interface fo...

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What is MailCatcher Email Testing Tool?

MailCatcher is an email testing tool that runs a simple SMTP server to catch any messages sent to it and displays them in a web interface. It allows users to view and analyze HTML, plain text, and source versions of messages, as well as download attachments and the original email for viewing in native mail clients. With features like keyboard navigation between messages and command line options for customization, MailCatcher provides a convenient way to test and inspect emails during development.


  • Catches all mail and stores it for display.
  • Shows HTML, Plain Text, and Source version of messages.
  • Rewrites HTML to enable display of embedded, inline images, etc, and opens links in a new window.
  • Lists attachments and allows separate downloading of parts.
  • Runs as a daemon in the background, optionally in foreground.


  • MailCatcher is a simple SMTP server that catches and displays all incoming mail.
  • It provides a web interface to view HTML, Plain Text, and Source versions of messages.
  • MailCatcher allows for easy downloading of attachments and provides keyboard navigation between messages.


  • May conflict with other gems in your application.
  • May have limitations with encodings and UTF-8 support.
  • Basic mail processing functionality, may require modifications for specific needs.
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