Mailflow Monitoring Email Testing Tool

Mailflow Monitoring alerts you, in real-time, to down email servers and helps diagnose excessive delivery delays. Things that can negatively impact your business if not corrected quickly.

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What is Mailflow Monitoring Email Testing Tool?

Mailflow Monitoring is a free email testing tool that offers real-time monitoring for email servers. By sending periodic emails to your servers and waiting for a response, it detects any delays in delivery or unresponsive servers. The tool provides alerts through various channels such as email, webhook, SMS, PagerDuty, or Slack. With Mailflow Monitoring, users have unlimited monitoring capabilities and can set up multiple notification policies. The tool allows users to customize their alerting mechanisms and control the frequency of email checks. In addition, the dashboard provides real-time stats, performance metrics, and historical trends for each mail server. Mailflow Monitoring was developed by DuoCircle LLC to address the need for a cost-effective solution for monitoring multiple email servers. The tool was successful for their internal use, leading them to offer it for free to help others monitor their email flow in real-time.


  • Real-time alerts for down email servers and excessive delivery delays
  • Free roundtrip SMTP email server monitoring
  • Monitoring without limits for an unlimited number of email servers
  • Multiple alerting mechanisms including webhook, slack, email, and SMS
  • Complete control over monitoring frequency and notification settings


  • Real-time alerts for down email servers and excessive delivery delays.
  • Unlimited monitoring of email servers and notification policies, all for free.
  • Customizable alerting mechanisms and control over monitoring frequency and thresholds.


  • Limited customization options for notification policies.
  • May not be suitable for larger businesses with extensive infrastructure.
  • Potential limitations in terms of performance metrics and historical trends analysis.
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