Mailosaur Email Testing Tool

Mailosaur lets QA & development teams capture, test and analyze email and SMS messages as part of their manual and automated testing process.

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What is Mailosaur Email Testing Tool?

Mailosaur is an email testing tool that offers a wide range of features to help businesses improve their email quality. With Mailosaur, users can create end-to-end tests that depend on email, automate and use SMS messages during testing, view emails in different clients such as Gmail and Outlook, and automate and test email and SMS workflows. Additionally, Mailosaur aims to empower teams by providing tools for quality assurance, product management, and marketing, allowing businesses to deliver high-quality, targeted email campaigns. The tool offers different pricing plans to fit any size of business, with customizable limits and options for email previews and SMS testing.


  • Create end-to-end tests that depend on email
  • Automate and use SMS messages during testing
  • View email in Gmail, Outlook, and mobile devices
  • Automate and test email and SMS workflows
  • Improve email quality and empower your team


  • Mailosaur allows you to automate and test email and SMS workflows.
  • It offers email previews, allowing you to view your email in Gmail, Outlook, and mobile devices.
  • Mailosaur empowers your team and improves email quality with its quality assurance features.


  • Limited SMS testing capabilities.
  • No single sign-on (SSO) available for all plans.
  • No SCIM provisioning feature provided.
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