MailSlurp Email Testing Tool

Test your application with real email addresses.Unlimited private test email accounts. REST API and SDKs. Create unique email addresses on demand. Programmatically send and receive emails to test any email dependent process.

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What is MailSlurp Email Testing Tool?

MailSlurp is an email testing tool that allows users to control email and SMS in code and no-code dashboards. It enables users to test apps end-to-end, build automations, and enhance their marketing efforts. With MailSlurp, users can quickly connect inboxes and phone numbers in any language or framework, create inboxes and phone numbers on demand, and send and receive emails and SMS in code, tests, and online dashboards. It also provides features such as email address verification, reputation management, email routing and forwarding, email proxy, end-to-end email testing, automated email reply, and more. Trusted by companies worldwide, MailSlurp is a powerful tool for testing and automating messaging.


  • Control email and SMS in code and no-code dashboards.
  • Easy integration with any language or framework.
  • Supports creating unlimited email address inboxes with custom domains.
  • Test applications end-to-end using real email and SMS.
  • Verify email addresses and phone numbers, monitor reputation and deliverability.


  • Easy integration with any language or framework.
  • Endless possibilities for creating inboxes and phone numbers on demand.
  • Enables testing end-to-end applications using real email and SMS.


  • Limited free plan or trial available for testing
  • May require some technical knowledge to integrate and use effectively
  • No mention of advanced analytics or reporting features
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