BriteVerify Email Verification Tool

Faster and more accurate than other address verification services, BriteVerify email and address verification from Validity ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message. Our Email Verification API can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data. From web forms to landing pages, from mobile devices to Point-of-Sale systems (POS), BriteVerify instantly validates the emails you collect.

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What is BriteVerify Email Verification Tool?

BriteVerify is an email verification tool offered by Validity. It is the industry's longest-standing contact verification solution that provides secure and scalable email validation. BriteVerify ensures high-quality data for better ROI from sales, marketing, and service. It helps prevent bad data from entering your database, protects your sender reputation by reducing bounce rates, and allows you to communicate more effectively by focusing efforts on real opportunities and customers. BriteVerify offers features such as real-time validation, bulk validation, phone number and mailing address checking, and integrations with major marketing platforms. With over a decade of experience, BriteVerify is trusted by thousands of marketers and CRM professionals.


  • Email verification tool that ensures high-quality data for better sales, marketing, and service ROI.
  • Secure and scalable solution for contact verification with a long-standing reputation in the industry.
  • Helps eliminate duplicates in Salesforce and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Provides crucial insights and guidance for improved email deliverability and successful campaigns.
  • Offers core tools and insights to drive more ROI from email campaigns.


  • BriteVerify ensures high-quality data for a better ROI from sales, marketing, and service.
  • BriteVerify provides secure and scalable email validation, making it a reliable contact verification solution.
  • BriteVerify helps prevent bad data from entering your database, improving the accuracy of your communications.


  • Lack of information about the features and benefits of the email verification tool.
  • No customer reviews or testimonials to support its effectiveness.
  • Unclear pricing structure or cost associated with using the tool.
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